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Rule the realm of worms in Wormate.io

A fun and popular io game Wormate.io appears and washes away all your troubles. Defeat and protect yourself from enemies by collecting food and becoming bigger.

As a survival io game with a familiar motif, you will easily conquer this game in a blink of an eye. You will transform into a worm. Then move on the map and collect foods on the map to grow. You also live with many other worms. To survive and grow, you need to destroy them or you will be destroyed. Block their heads to kill enemies. Then collect food from your enemies. You will turn into their food when you stab them. They are extremely dangerous opponents for you. Therefore, you need to use your acceleration to protect yourself from enemies or attack them. Try to collect the food and kill as many enemies as you can to become the biggest worm in your world. What is stopping you from coming to this exciting battle of these worms?

Additional features in Wormate.io

The special thing about this game is that you will have 2 main game modes in this game including Arena and 2-team. In Arena mode, you have to collect a lot of food and destroy other enemies to become the biggest worm on the map. In 2-team mode, you will compete in two teams. Try to support your team to destroy as many opponents as possible.