Hill Climb Racing

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Hill Climb Racing introduced to you this summer will certainly not let you down. Hop on the car and steer it through mountain passes to get to the finish point.

Welcome to Hill Climb Racing

Until now, driving games have always attracted a large number of gamers. Many driving games continuously lie in the list of the hottest online games for several months, even years. If you are also looking for a driving game to unwind for your idle days, you should remember this title. Especially, if you have ever driven a car through difficult roads such as passes, hills, slopes, etc., this will continue to challenge you in this game.

Why Hill Climb Racing is so ingrained in many people's minds

There are many factors that bring relaxing moments for players. It would be an omission not to mention animation. Amination is the effect of the characters or the environment in the game. This is a very important factor because it affects many aspects of the game such as the logic of the game, the aesthetic of the game, the control mechanism, and so on. When watching the game, you will see majestic mountains, sudden obstacles, winding bends, or deep abysses. In particular, the game's music creates suspense and drama for players throughout the journey. You will see the action in the game is also shown in a realistic way such as falling down a cliff, hitting obstacles, or cornering over cliffs.

Hill Climb Racing and all missions that baffle you

There are 10 missions in total to challenge you to pass. You need to pass the easy level to get to the hard one. The hindrance will gradually rise up and become more difficult for you to overcome. There are countless obstacles that block your way and endanger you such as rolling bins, sudden falling boxes, traffic accidents, tree branches, rolling stones, and so on. They are carefully designed to cause you to bump or slide off the road into a cliff. The only way to avoid it is to pay attention and drive slowly or use a camera to observe the situation. The levels will be completed when all the passengers in the car get down to the destination safely and healthy.

General gameplay

Combined with a Bus Simulator and Hill Drive game, this game is an excellent creation. The reason to say that this is the perfect combination of Bus Simulation and Drift Hunter is that you not only have to take guests to the right destination but also have to overcome the barriers created on the road. In this game, you will transform into a driver with the task of transporting passengers to the meeting point safely. Controlling the car in this game is indeed very simple because of its familiarity and attractiveness. So are you ready for your journey as a driver? To begin with, pick up your passenger at the green checkpoint. Then take them to the last green checkpoint. However, your shift has very strict hours. Therefore, you must complete your working hours within the specific time. Not only that, your job is very dangerous and difficult. There are countless obstacles waiting for you on the road. Some prime examples are rolling crates, falling crates, logs, rocks, collisions, and so on. To avoid falling off the cliff or losing time, you need to stay away from them. All around you are huge rocky mountains or deep abysses. If you are not careful, you can get bumped or fall off the track at any time. After you get the bike back to the green spot and the passengers safely disembark, you can finish your current journey and challenge yourself with the next adventure. Each new journey will bring you new excitement and surprises. If you fall into situations like falling off a cliff, not getting your guests to the correct endpoint within the allotted time, or flipping your vehicle, your challenge will fail. A road with bottomless abysses, high windswept mountains, and treacherous logs is in front of you. Will you cross your path smoothly to become a respectable driver or will you guide your passengers to land in the abyss of ten thousand feet?

Tools for you to drive the car to pick up your passengers

With uncomplicated control, every player can easily experience this game. Similar to other driving games, you need to use a quality keyboard and a pair of skillful hands to control your car. If you play on desktop devices, you need to press the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move. Use the L key to turn on the lights and the C key to turn on the cam mode. The SPACE BAR button will be used to brake in place.

How to conquer the game easily

Now, take a look at the helpful tips which we recommend for you.

  • The best way for you is to use a combination of the up arrow key with the right arrow key or the up arrow key with the left arrow key. This will help you a lot when you go through the winding terrain of the turns.
  • It's necessary to use the brake to stop. Sometimes you forget that to smoothly go through steep hills, just using the go button is not enough. You can also use the brake button if you are facing an obstacle or about to fall off a cliff.
  • Next, as we mentioned before, try to avoid the obstacles on the way. They can knock you off the road or waste time if you touch them.
  • Whether you're driving in real life or in the virtual world, you also need to slow down and watch carefully when moving around corners or in special traffic situations like accidents or falling trees. The obstacles are placed consecutively and near the cliffs. Therefore, you need to move skillfully to pass through them without hitting or deviating from the road. By the way, you can move step by step or slowly to avoid them.

This driving adventure game is a fresh development by FG Studio. It was released to the gaming community on August 28, 2019. So are you wondering what is the best vehicle in Hill Climb Racing? In this game, you only have to control a blue taxi but certainly, this is a safe vehicle to accompany you on this difficult journey. You will also easily win with just a handheld smart device or a desktop device.

Some brief about Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 was released right after the success of the first version. Here are some revelations about the sequel to this game. There are some clear differences between part one and part two of Hill Climb Racing. In this part, you will only have to take your car through the obstacles to get to the finish line successfully. If your main task is to get your passengers to the dock safely and fully, the mission of the next part is completely different. Not only do you have to overcome the obstacles, but you also have to collect the coins on the way. Although you no longer have to face the abyss or jagged cliffs like in this part, your car is not very stable and safe. They can overturn at any moment with an unnecessary mistake or a small unbalanced movement. The challenge may seem harder than the original version. However, the second part also gives you a variety of cars, maps, and special upgrades for your car. Especially, part 2 has already been updated on our site. You can join to discover several special things.