Eggy Car

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The way to conquer Eggy Car

This excellent physic-based game Eggy Car will give you moments of refreshment. Take your car over hillsides to collect coins and go as far as possible.

Considered a great and simple hill climb racing game, you will easily set your own record in this game. Drive an egg truck through the road with many winding hills. Then, collect the necessary items scattered on the road like coins, magnets, and blue eggs. These are extremely useful items for you to help you collect more coins and conquer the long road. You can fly into the air if you collect blue eggs. At that time, you will not be broken even if the egg is hit or dropped from the car. You can use magnets to suck coins on the road while the coins can be used to exchange for new cars in the shop. After changing to a new car, you can easily conquer longer distances. Take the car through the checkpoints and go as far as possible to set a new record. Perhaps you are familiar with driving games, but you will have new experiences when participating in this game.

Tips to get you the farthest on the road of Eggy Car

  • To go far, you need to drive slowly and calmly. This is especially necessary when you are going through high hills or slippery roads. Vehicles can easily drift, so you need to be flexible in handling them.
  • Next, you need to use your balance if you want to overcome long distances.
  • In addition, you also need to upgrade your car when possible to use them to go further.
  • Finally, take advantage of the boost items we mentioned to avoid breaking or collecting more coins. In particular, grab the blue eggs to use them to deal with the difficult road ahead.