Obstacle Cross Drive Simulator

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Drive on offroad roads of Obstacle Cross Drive Simulator.

Continue the driving game in Obstacles Cross Drive Simulator. Take control of your vehicles to follow green points and complete missions to finish the level.

This is one of the familiar simulator driving games that always attracts a large number of fans. Choose a mode and your favorite truck to drive. Then, bring them to the finish line by following the green arrows on the road. After reaching the destination, you will complete the level. Just by the ARROW keys or the WASD keys, you can move your truck. However, you also need to remember that each level gives you 3 stars. To achieve the maximum number of stars, you must not collide with any obstacles or go the wrong way. Complete levels as fast as you can and level up to conquer higher levels.

Additional information about Obstacle Cross Drive Simulator

All modes of the game

You can see 4 main modes on the main screen including traffic mode, free mode, city mode, and parking mode. Basically, these modes have similar gameplay.

  • In traffic mode, you have 4 levels including going left, going right, traffic lights, and speed up. In this game, you need to follow the green points to get your car to the finish line. Besides, try to avoid the obstacles on the way to collect enough 3 stars.
  • Free mode is similar to traffic mode. However, this mode does not require the player to overcome any obstacles or levels. You will see the indicated points on the map. You need to try to reach these locations in a short time to complete the game with a high score.
  • In city mode, you will follow the arrows scattered throughout the city and reach the endpoint to complete the level.
  • The last mode is parking mode. In this mode, you need to bring your car to the parking spot in a short time thanks to the green arrows.

Release date and platform

This is one of the impressive games developed by the CarGames company. It was just published in June 2023 and can be played across distinctive apps and platforms such as Android, iOS, and desktop devices.