Real Bus Simulator 3D

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The following driving game will both bring you familiar feelings and bring a sense of attraction. Drive your car everywhere from the countryside to the city, from noisy and busy areas to peaceful and fresh places. Will this trip be a favorable one?

Immerse yourself in the epic scenes of Real Bus Simulator 3D

Take a tour with Real Bus Simulator 3D driving game. Drive the bus to overcome obstacles and take your characters from the starting line to the final stop.

Transform into a bus driver for a day with this virtual reality driving simulator. The mechanics are similar to Hill Climb Racing. Control your bus to pick up passengers at the bus stop and arrive at their final stop. Use the buttons on your phone screen or the WASD keys to drive the bus. To brake the bus, you just need to take your hand off the phone screen or keyboard. The bus will stop immediately. After the passenger's board, you need to get them through the bus stops and reach their destination safely. Note that at higher levels the tracks become harder and more dangerous. Passengers only get off the bus when the vehicle is properly positioned at the bus stop. The destination will be highlighted in green. After you complete a passenger successfully, you will get some money and level up. Each time you go, you will lose one gas line. Every day you will receive a fuel tank with 5 gas lines. If the fuel line runs out, you will have to wait for it to recover to continue the journey. Therefore, complete your journey before you run out of fuel. Now is your time to become a real driver.

Typical details which you cannot ignore about Real Bus Simulator 3D

Super turntable

You will have the opportunity to participate in the Lucky Draw to win special rewards from the game such as buses, coins, and XP points. However, you can only claim these rewards once a day. Therefore, you need to return to the game day after day to win attractive rewards.

How you know about modes

The game comes with 2 main modes: normal mode and skill mode. You are playing in normal mode. In normal mode, you will have to pass special levels. These levels will have different difficulties. At higher levels, you will have to go through more difficult roads and more turns and obstacles. You can get a coin after completing the normal mode. Each passenger you carry will be equivalent to one penny you get. After passing the first 3 levels, you will unlock the next mode. It's skill mode. At this level, you no longer have to carry passengers to the finish line, you will have to overcome a series of dangerous obstacles and collect XP on the way. Either mode, it's worth a game for you to enjoy.

Buses in the garage

You can choose for yourself a bus from 26 buses in the store. To unlock them you need to spend some of the coins you have earned or done through daily rewards. Each car will have a different look. Explore them now.