Wheel Duel

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New style driving in Wheel Duel

Try your hand at a flying car in the special driving game Wheel Duel. Control your vehicle through obstacles and opponents to complete all challenges.

This new style of driving game will never let you get bored by its fun and attractiveness. Control your car through the obstructions to the finish line. Use your finger or left mouse to push the car up or fly over the obstacles. Besides, to move through small lanes or to accelerate, you move from the top down to help the car be smaller. Confront your opponents and try to be the fastest to the finish line to get more coins. You can use your coins to upgrade your car or buy new items in the shop. You can even earn money when you're offline. However, make sure you stay online and win the game as many times as possible to conquer every level.

Special elements in Wheels Duel

Some things you can upgrade

You can upgrade power, speed, and offline benefits. These elements need some coins for you to upgrade. You can get faster with speed, get a better car with power and increase your income even when offline with offline benefits.

What you can buy

Pay attention to the car icon, you will see 36 unlocked cars. You can unlock them with the money you earn. In addition, you can also choose the wheel and color of the car with the coins you have.