Drive Mad

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The basic features that build up Drive Mad

How about gameplay

Drive Mad is an attractive driving game that should not be missing from your game list. Complete mini missions by driving your car to the finish line.

Along with diverse and attractive levels, this car will definitely become your companion this summer. In this game, you are faced with many challenges. To complete these challenges, you need to get your car to the end safely. However, you need to be aware that this is a vehicle that does not operate easily. It may lose control and roll over or fall into the water. After reaching the finish line, you will make beautiful photo styles to confirm that you have passed the level and jumped to the next level. Later levels will become more difficult than previous levels. Just come on.

How to drive your car to complete the missions

The WASD keys, the ARROW keys, the IJKL key, and the SZXC key is used to move

Press on the P key to revise your task

All missions which you will encounter in Drive Mad

The game gives you hundreds of missions equivalent to 100 levels that you need to pass to beat the game. Each level will have a different mission. For example, the challenge of level 9 is a slippery slope. The challenge of level 22 is climbing walls while the flying car is the task of level 50. After completing a level, you will be taken a picture of the memorable moment when you completed that level. Try to be the most successful finisher and pass the 100 available levels.