Train Racing

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How to control the train in Train Racing

If you are bored with car driving games, Train Racing will give you moments to control a train. Drive your train to collect coins and reach the finish line.

The experience of being a train driver in this driving game is sure to become an enjoyable experience for you. Take the train to collect the coins on the way and successfully reach the finish line. The controls are extremely simple. Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to drive the train. Tap on the W key or the UP ARROW key to make the train jump up. To brake, you just need to release your hand for the train to drift by itself. Unlike hill climb racing, you will not have to carry any passengers on the train. You need to take your train through the winding and bumpy roads to collect the coins. Then, continue to reach the finish line. However, you need to remember that your train is very easy to tip over when going uphill, downhill, or through bends. If your train overturns, it may explode and you will lose. Try to control the train and get them to their destination safely. After finishing the level, you can use your coins to upgrade the ship and continue with another level. Can you conquer all the levels in the game?

Bringing the train to the endpoint in Train Racing

Exchange a new train

On the train symbol, you can exchange a new train for yourself. There are 6 ships for you to choose from. New ships will ask you for some money in exchange for them. The more modern the ship, the higher the price will be. You need at least 150 coins for the lowest price and 1000 coins for the highest price. After unlocking the trains, you can choose their colors. You can also use the money to upgrade the parts of the train that are needed to upgrade your journey such as brakes or accelerators. Upgrade them continuously to conquer longer distances.

All levels to overcome

One of the things that cannot be ignored is the levels. You can see various levels arranged in a tower before you enter the game. Each level has 3 stars and a unique challenge for you to complete. The more you play, the more tricky and bumpy the road will be. Therefore, you must try to control the vehicle without overturning. If your train overturns, you lose. Are you ready for the journey to guide the train to the finish line?