Rider 2

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Driving in the world of Neon lights in Rider 2

Rider 2 is an extremely attractive endless one-tap game that you must try if you are a racing game lover. Take your car over the obstacles and collect diamonds.

This endless one-click driving game will captivate you. You control a car and get lost in a city with bright neon lights. You need to take your car through obstacles and dangerous tracks. Try to go as far as you can to get a high score. Besides, you also need to collect precious diamonds on the way. You can use them to exchange for new vehicles in the shop. The road will become increasingly difficult with more obstacles and more unpredictable turns. Don't let those neon lights blind you and be alert to get past them.

Some useful tips for your reference in Rider 2

  • To cross this path, you need to go slowly and calmly. You don't need to race against time, so you need to drive slowly when crossing ramps to avoid somersaults or falls.
  • Second, don't use acceleration for too long or continuously. It is a fact that speeding will cause you to head up or perform somersaults in the air. Therefore, it will make you more prone to accidents. You should only use acceleration when walking on slopes or over obstacles.
  • Finally, upgrade your media when possible. To get a new vehicle, you need to spend 1000 diamonds. However, this is necessary for you to spend money. You will run longer distances and collect more coins with new vehicles.