Drift Boss

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Use skillful hands in the racing game Drift Boss

Drift Boss will make your hands use their full capacity. Control your car through countless bends to collect coins and travel as far as possible.

A driving game with a twist and turns mechanics that will keep you excited. You will start the game with the tutorial. Take your car through the corners by clicking to turn right and release to go straight. It sounds simple, but you need to be skillful when going through the bends because they are very small and slippery. Therefore, you can fall off the platform if you are not careful. Besides, try to collect coins on the way. The coins can be extremely useful to you after you pass the game. Have the courage to drive your car and don't be afraid of falling. You can get useful tips after each fall like don't take too many turns, upgrade your car, or drift when you're near the bend, and so on. At the end of the game, you can review special cars or cards on the main screen or get special rewards and upgrade your car. This is exactly the driving game you shouldn't miss.

Featured range in Driff Boss

What's in the daily rewards

You can see the daily rewards in the daily rewards. On the first day, you can get 50 coins. On the second day, 3 stars or a triple score will be given to you. On the next day, you will get car insurance, and the rewards will increase in the following days. You need to return to the game every day to receive these valuable rewards.

Boosters to select

You can use your money to buy boosters like double score, car insurance, and coin rush. The double score will help to double the number of points you have. Your car will become more secure with car insurance. While you can pick up more coins on the road with coin rush.