Parking Jam Escape

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Get your car out of the parking area in Parking Jam Escape

Continue with the parking challenge in the fun puzzle game Parking Jam Escape. Move each car out of the parking lot to collect coins and complete the game.

A puzzle game with a parking theme and eye-catching graphics that will surely make you unable to take your eyes off it for a second. Your car is being parked in a parking lot. However, this parking lot is cluttered with a few parked cars. Therefore, you have to move each car out of the door position to clear the way for your car to get out. Use your mouse to drag the car and release your hand to land on that spot. You should also note that in the parking lot there are several vertical columns. They are fixed there and prevent other cars from passing. Moreover, the more you play, the more cars will be placed in the parking lot. Therefore, you need to try to get your car out. After going out, you can collect some coins. Your coins will be collected and stored in the bank. Try to get as many coins as you can and unlock special items.

What awaits you in the parking lot of Parking Jam Escape

The skin of your car

You can customize your car's skin with the shirt icon. To get one of them, you need to use the money that you have already earned. There are 9 cars available including sports cars, taxis, ambulances, and so on. Each of these cars costs 450 cents. Unlock them all to accompany you to higher levels.

Provided levels

There are countless levels that the game brings. The levels will have increasing challenges from easy to difficult. To pass the following levels, you also need to invest a lot of gray matter. The cars will become more while the parking area is small. You are given a support item. That's the bomb. You can use the bomb to destroy a parking area and easily pass the level.