Smash Karts

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Also, a racing game genre, Smash Karts will give you a completely different experience than racing games you have played before. You can not only play against strong online opponents but also compete with a diverse map. Start discovering the interesting things we are talking about right now.

How you control your kart and deal with opponents in Smash Karts

Immerse yourself with Smash Karts one of the best car control games you should try once. Control your kart to replenish weapons and eliminate all enemies.

No more crossing steep passes to collect coins like Hill Climb Racing. In this game, you have to move on the map. Then collect special boxes. They can contain advanced and useful weapons for your race. Then use them to defeat as many enemies as possible. You can use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move and the SPACE BAR key to use weapons. Note that your opponent is also capable of using the same weapon as you. Therefore, avoid their bullets. If you flip, you lose. If you win a round, you will advance to the next round. Each round gives you a specific time. If you can't be the winner or top in a round, you'll also be disqualified. The more you win, the more chances you will get to a higher level. As you level up, you can earn some character tokens to redeem tickets, change character skins, buy hats, or exchange for a new kart. Did you find that interesting? Why not try to join your race now?

What weapons or maps you can see

All maps

There are 16 maps that can be found in the game such as Smash Island, Gravel Pit, Steky's Speedway, Graveyard, Slick Slide, Smash Fort, Sky Arena, and so on. Each map will have different terrains, difficulties, and advantages to challenge you. Explore and conquer them all.

State-of-the-art weapons

Some typical weapons can be seen such as Straight Shooters, Lobbers, Spiky and Invincible, Homing Weapons, and Drop. Weapons. Specifically, you can have rockets, bullets, nukes, Machine Gun, Mines, and so on. They are placed in special boxes. Each different weapon will have different characteristics, features, and levels of destruction. For example, bombs, bullets, and fake boxes will be dropped on the road to detonate passing karts while rockets, Cannon Balls, and Machine Guns will shoot down targets from afar and Spiky Mace will destroy those who come close to it.