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Show your wisdom with Wordle

Wordle will make your brain work at full capacity. Your task is to guess the key phrase through your attempts and the color of the crossword.

If you want to challenge yourself with mind games or upgrade your vocabulary, you can try this game now. First, guess the hidden phrase using the given words. Then, fill them in the table to create meaningful phrases. After the meaningful terms are formed, you will get boxes with colors like gray, green, and yellow. A green box means that you have arranged the phrase in the correct position. A yellow box means you got the right letters but you put them in the wrong place. Your letter won't appear if it's a gray box. You have to make use of them to make hints and keys to your mysterious crossword. You have 6 horizontal lines equivalent to 5 attempts and one answer to your answer. You lose if you don't guess the hidden crossword after 6 times. You have to try to get the highest score with the fewest guesses. Are you curious about these mysterious crosswords? Why don't you try joining them now?

Essential things you need to note about Wordle

As mentioned, you will have 5 horizontal rows. Each horizontal row will have 5 crosswords. You have the unlimited right to guess in these crosswords. However, if you press enter, you won't be able to edit or do anything. Alternatively, you can press x for no answers or for uncertain crosswords. The colors in the crossword will be a useful suggestion for you. To be sure, you need to stay away from gray crosswords and think of green or unused crosswords. In particular, you can only play once per day. What could be better than relaxing with a crossword every day?