Where Is The Water

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Feed your crocodile in Where Is The Water by giving it water to drink. Guide water from the faucet to the crocodile to bathe him and collect stars on the way.

A puzzle game that is considered as one of the most famous and engaging games that you need to try once. Draw a line to lead water from the faucet to the crocodile's place. After you have guided the water, you need to press the red button to open the faucet. After that, water will be brought to the crocodile to drink. Besides, you need to remember that to achieve a high score, you need to send water through all the stars to collect all of them. Remember to be careful with hidden spots because your water can get trapped as it passes through. After the water is brought to the crocodile, you can continue to the next level. Crocodile has never been so cute, has it? Join the game to experience feeding crocodiles for the first time.

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All levels

There are 24 levels in all in the game. Each level will have different challenges and difficulties. After giving the crocodile water to drink, you will complete a level. The level will fail when the water runs out before reaching the crocodile and it doesn't have enough water to drink. Each level will have 3 stars. When the water passes through those 3 stars, you will successfully reach the next level and get a high score.

A few sketches of history in the game

This is one of the best puzzle games developed by Creature Feep. It was launched in September 2011 and quickly became widely installed and engaged on platforms such as Android and desktop devices.