Uphill Rush Water Park 3D.

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Cool off your summer with Uphill Rush Water Park 3D.

Uphill Rush Water Park 3D is one of the games that cannot be missed this summer. Pass the curves by avoiding obstacles and collecting useful items.

A fun 3D water slide game has appeared on your computer. Take your character through the obstacles scattered on the water slide to the finish line. There are many obstacles presented. If you touch them you lose somersault. You will lose if you collide with them the second time. Besides, you need to collect all the necessary items on the road such as keys, money, energy drinks, magnets, and so on. They can help you a lot in the game. You can use them to exchange for new characters or new outfits in the shop. This is definitely a must-have cool and refreshing game in this sweltering summer.

What's on Uphill Rush Water Park 3D's waterslides

Unlock some essential things

You can upgrade a new character or new items like goggles or cabs in the shop. You need at least 1000 coins to redeem a new character, about 15 energy drinks to get a new cab, and 25 energy drinks to get a new goggles. In addition, you can also unlock levels in the game. There are 15 levels for you to experience and the levels will have different water slide models and different difficulty levels.

Items you can collect

Coins, energy drinks, keys, magnets, or skateboards are what you can collect along the way. You can use coins and energy drinks to exchange for the above items. You can use the key to unlock an additional re-attempt. Magnets will be used to collect coins while skateboards will be used to travel faster.