Up Hill Racing

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Continue with the new race track in Up Hill Racing

How about the principles

Return to the extreme race track in Up Hill Racing for moments of stress relief. Take your character through winding roads to collect coins and complete a trip.

Immerse yourself in another exciting driving game with similar gameplay to Hill Climb Racing. You need to take your character through the twisty and difficult roads. Then collect all the coins on the way to the finish line. You also need to remember to collect gas cans on the road to replenish your fuel. You can see the remaining fuel in the top corner and the remaining mileage in the bottom left corner of the screen. Each road segment will have a specific number. You need to cross a road with 3000m. On this road, you will encounter various types of roads such as steep slopes, winding roads, potholes, and so on. You must overcome them to reach the finish line safely and quickly. You lose if your car flips over tricky roads or you run out of fuel before you reach the tank. At the end of the game, you can use the assets you've earned to upgrade vehicle parts or unlock new cars or new roads. The roads ahead will become increasingly harsh and challenging. Just explore them.

Move the car

PC: Use the WASD keys to move

Mobile phone: Press or tap the phone screen to play

Welcome with lots of interesting things in Up Hill Racing

Upgrade car parts

The coins you have earned can be used to upgrade parts of the car. Some parts can be upgraded such as wheels, fuel tanks, engines, and so on. Each department will ask for an amount. With wheels, you need 80 coins to upgrade and improve adhesion and power delivery on the ground. You need 30 cents to get a better-capacity gas tank. After you finish upgrading them, you can improve your car to conquer longer distances.

Unlocked roads and cars

In addition, you can unlock and redeem a new car or a new path after you earn a lot of coins. There are 8 cars corresponding to 8 different terrains. Your journey is stretched from the streets to the jungle, from the arid desert to the giant icebergs, from the frigid regions to the hot land, from the earth to outer space, and so on. Accompanying every step of your journey is a car. Vehicles such as vans, pickup trucks, food trucks, and so on will have different functions and designs. Try to pass as many paths as possible.