Tiny Fishing

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Relax with Tiny Fishing

Become a fisherman in Tiny Fishing and set sail to harvest big catches. You can then use your money to upgrade necessary items and earn bigger catches.

If you are a lover of fishing as well as quiet moments in fishing, this game promises to be a great experience. Swing your fishing rod and drop it. Then move to harvest the fish you want. Each time you fish, you only get a certain amount of fish. After capturing that amount of fish, your fishing line will automatically pull up. There is a huge variety of fish you can catch as you go deep. Each type of fish will have a different value. You can collect a large amount of money for each type of great-value fish. The deeper you go down, the more expensive fish you see. You can use your coins to upgrade a few important things, unlock aquariums or unlock new hooks. You can also get coins even if you are not in the game.

Tiny Fishing unblocked

New hooks

You can have new hooks with different shapes in the hook section. Change them to make your hook look better and catch more fish. Each new hook requires you to pay a certain amount. You can use the money you earn to unlock it.


The aquarium is a special part of the game. You can unlock it when you have upgraded enough and down to a certain depth. An aquarium will bring you new and valuable fish. Click on them you will get money. However, these fish also need time to bring you money.

Special upgrade

You can upgrade the following 3 objects including max fishes, max depth, and offline earnings. With max fishes, after you upgrade, you can get more fish in one go. You can upgrade max depth for more depth. You can collect more coins even if you exit the game with offline earnings. What else makes you afraid of joining the game? Is such a wide range of facts appealing to you?