Stack Jump

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Jump over obstacles in Stack Jump

Stack Jump is a fun jumping game with hyper-simple mechanics. Take your character to the highest platform possible by jumping across platforms.

One of the games that you should take the time to try in your idle days must mention this game. Left click to make the character jump. Then, help your character jump as high as possible to form a tall stack. However, at higher levels, the platforms will get faster and faster, and your field of view will become narrower and narrower. If you can't miss or collide with the platforms, you can get kicked off this stack. The higher you go, the more points you get. Try to set your high record in this entertainment game.

Little known facts about the Stack Jump

History of the game

This can be considered as one of the attractive games developed by Voodoo studio, a French developer. It was created on July 27, 2017. The game is designed according to 3D graphics and eye-catching effects when the player reaches the high milestone. To get a high score, the player must try to put the platform in the middle. You can easily enjoy the game when you join in platform like Android or iOS.

Difference between Stack Jump on phone and on computer

On your phone, you can unlock 39 characters and 4 different game modes. You have to try to get as high as possible to unlock a new character. The main modes in the game will include underwater, high speed, fireball, and perfect jump. You have to do the best because the game gets harder and harder as you get higher.