Sokoban United

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The challenges in the familiar puzzle game Sokoban United

Test your brain with Sokoban United 3D puzzle game. Control the guy to push the box to the marked position with as few moves as possible to get a high score.

Perhaps we are too familiar with the famous box push game. You need to bring the boxes to the position marked with X. Click on any tiles to guide the boy to go to that position. However, your character can only walk straight, so you cannot move him freely. You also need to move very skillfully to make as few moves as possible and win all the stars. You can get a high score if you get all the stars. After getting the box to the destination, you will complete that challenge and come to the next one. Are you ready for this classic but extremely engaging game?

Curious things about Sokoban United

Compare with the original version

This version is truly an innovative and successful upgrade of the original Sokoban game. Sokoban was originally created by a Japanese game designer in 1982. The game has always had the common task of helping the man push the boxes in the warehouse into the marked position. However, in this game, players will see a completely different interface, graphics, and way of moving boxes compared to other versions that you can experience.

Select world

There are 5 worlds with dozens of levels for you to overcome. You need to pass small levels to complete a world. Each level will have a specific number of moves that you need to move with less than or equal to it to pass and get all stars. You can get a higher score if you get all the stars in the game.