Slap King

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All principles of Slap King

A fun Slap King contest officially opened. You need to help your character overcome opponents by giving as strongest slaps as you can and knocking out them.

Some reality show or contest showing who is the strongest slap is now included in the game. Release powerful attacks to show you are the strongest and take down your opponents. You can see the power scale above you and your opponent. Time the scale to point to the green level to attack your opponent. After you finish attacking your opponent, it will be their turn. Trying to stay strong from their slapsticks. After each win, you can get some coins. You can use them to upgrade your essentials and win the next matches. Enter the challenge with the utmost confidence.

Upgrade to become stronger

Some of the essentials for your upgrade include strength and health. With health, you can have better health and endurance. You can also strengthen your slaps with power upgrades. At that time, you will have stronger and more certain slaps. You need to spend some coins to upgrade them. After each upgrading time, you need more coins to upgrade the next time. Remember that on the energy scale, you will have the highest energy on the green line and the lowest energy on the red line. Look at them to determine your strength.