Short Ride

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Short Ride cycling challenge

The rules for you to play

One of the attractive off-road driving games is indispensable Short Ride. Cycle through the obstacles and survive to the finish line to level up.

The roads always contain many risks and dangers, especially in this game. Control your bike through difficult and complex terrains. After that, continue to collect the stars in the game and reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. The obstacles in the game are extremely dangerous. It can cause your character to die if it collides with them. Therefore, you must stay away from them to avoid unnecessary collisions. You can use hints or instructions to control the character above your character's head. The game will be counted as completed if you get the character to the finish line safely. Join this horror-driving game if you are an adventurous and thrilling person.

How to ride the bike in this game

Use the SPACEBAR to jump on the car

Press the ARROW or the WASD keys to control and car

Hold the UP ARROW keys or the W key to jump on or move the car forward

Press the DOWN ARROW keys or the S key to crouch or reverse the vehicle

Things you need to get over in Short Ride

You have 20 challenges in the game. Each challenge will give you 3 stars in total. You need to try to overcome obstacles as well as challenges with little attempts and a short time to get a high score. Besides, you can use the stars you earn to upgrade a hero character. The obstacles will increase and become more dangerous as you get to the higher levels. What else keeps you from joining the game?