Run Rich 3D

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Collect money to become a rich woman in Run Rich 3D

If you are looking for a game to entertain in your spare time, Run Rich 3D is the right arcade game for you. Level up by collecting money and becoming richer.

A fun game about a girl's journey to becoming rich. The character will start as a servant girl. Then, in order for her to become richer, you must direct her to collect money and make the correct choices in life to become rich. Hold the left mouse and move to the left or the right to choose. Note that you may lose or become poorer if you collect incorrect items like bills, debt, hamburgers, boys, etc. Besides, you also need to make choices with decisions like going to a party or staying at home, watching TV or studying, going to work or hanging out with friends, etc. Different choices will yield different results. Try to make the best choices and go to the next level.

Ways to become rich in Run Rich 3D

The girl in the game will have milestones like a servant, poor girl, middle class, rich girl, and millionaire. You need to collect enough coins to get to the next level. You will fail the current level if your character stops at a servant or poor girl. To win big money, you need to make the right choices and skillful hands. You need to choose money and stay away from temptations like alcohol, beer, food, makeup, guys, and so on. Make correct choices based on real-life facts like going to school instead of partying, saving money instead of traveling, working instead of hanging out with friends, etc.