Roper Pass Game

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Play with the mischievous Pixel dog in the Roper Pass Game

Experience the Roper Pass Game one of those games that will lessen your anxiety or stress. Tap the screen to pass through obstacles and collect coins.

This fun game with familiar one-tap mechanics will get you through with ease. Control your cute dog to the endpoint quickly. Along the way, don't forget to collect all coins to complete the level. Each level will have a certain number of coins. After collecting coins and reaching the finish line you will have a lovely photo style. To move, you need to tap on the screen or click the mouse to make the dog jump. The dog has a uniform rectilinear motion. He only turns his head when he collides with something. However, in some cases, you have to tap on the donor to make him turn or it will fall into the water. Using support items at each level is important. You can see the swinging ropes. Hanging on there to jump to the other side is a good way. This dog will be able to run, jump, swing, and not be able to swim. Therefore, if you make it fall into the water, you will lose. Higher levels will give you bigger challenges but I believe you can overcome them.

Hundreds of levels in Roper Pass Game

There are hundreds of levels in the game. Each level will be a different theme and challenge. For example, Level 3 is swing by. Level 29 is Triple Pinky while level 41 is Slide Pop. Run Away is the challenge of level 92 and Good Night is the message that level 100 offers you. You need to do your best to overcome them. To pass a challenge, you must collect all the coins and bring your character to the finish line. After that, the next level will be opened.