Rocket Clash 3D

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Temporarily put aside the racing game Hill Climb Racing to switch to a shooting game. Gunfight games always bring thrill and stimulation to players of all ages. If you are looking for a shooter to entertain your friends in your spare days, it can be affirmed that this is exactly what you're looking for. We hope that the game will not only bring a sense of fun and relaxation but it will also help strengthen your friendship.

Defeat all enemies in Rocket Clash 3D

Defend yourself and support your teammates in this shooting battle Rocket Clash 3D. Use your weapon to take down as many opponents as possible to win.

Your holiday cannot be complete without this one of the best third-person shooting games. You will fight and side with your teammates in a bunker. Each team will have 3 members. Your mission is to use combat weapons to eliminate all opponents and win with your team. However, you must be aware that around you, the danger is not limited to malicious enemies. You also have to face scary terrain with scattered poison trenches. Try not to fall on it or you will die within 20 seconds. Use your abilities like jumping, crouching, and moving to hit the target. Sometimes, running is also a good way to deal with many opponents at once. If you win with your team, you will get some stars for your victory. You can exchange for a new gun, or a new item, and complete a mode after earning a specific number of stars or upgrading your abilities. You have 2'30s to complete your battle. Can you win this savage battle?

Some special information to benefit you

Tools to control your character

  • Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move
  • Press on the SPACE BAR key to jump up
  • Use the left mouse to shoot down
  • Hold on to the C key to bow down

The upgrades and modes in the game

You can upgrade 3 things to win your battle including life and 2 weapons. Specifically, you can use your stars to help your character get more lives, increase ammo for guns and increase the gun's attack power. You can have more than 50 modes to challenge yourself. Some typical modes like Thuggee, Shelvin, Stopper, Torka, Sylvan, Keld, Chatterbox, and so on. Each mode will have different challenges and environments to challenge you to overcome. Either way, you have two teams. Each team consists of 3 warriors. You must finish within the allotted time to be the winning team. The special thing is that you will be healed after you die as long as there is still time for you to do it. Defeat all opponents to bring glory to your team.

Achievements that you can attain

The game gives you some interesting achievements that you can get by overcoming the challenges given. Some achievements you might see like winning a match, making a first kill, killing your character by himself, or achieving 10 team victories. Each achievement will give you special badges. Finally, try to kill as many opponents as possible to rank a high place on the leaderboard. You can also invite your teammates to join this fierce gun battle to experience more fun.