Raft Wars 1

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A war between rafts is going on. You need to use your abilities to defeat the biggest bosses to help the Simon brothers protect their raft. If you are no longer busy, sit down and relax with this game.

Some things about the rules of Raft Wars 1

In Raft Wars 1, you will become an effective helper of the Simon brothers. Control how to use guns to take down opponents and protect their raft safely.

If you are wondering about an entertaining shooting motif game, this game will definitely be the right choice for you. The Simon brothers are in danger from strangers when they want to shoot the Simon brothers' house to steal the treasure. You need to help them pass them as easily and as quickly as possible to get a high score. Firstly, raise your weapon up. Then, adjust the direction and force to aim. Click and move the mouse to align the angle of your weapon. Drop to throw weapons. However, keep in mind that you need to hit them as many times and as accurately as possible before you get shot down. After each hit, the target will change. You will have to predict the direction of the character and aim again from the beginning. You can see the energy meter above the characters' heads. Based on the percentage of remaining energy for you to estimate and defeat the character. After you win, you will win some credits. You can use it to upgrade your weapons and ships and continue to the next levels. Who will win in this unequal battle?

Some notable things in Raft Wars 1

Rafts you can have

You can experience various rafts in the game including Standart Raft, Raft with friends, Raft with dog on back, and Raft Heightened Sub-base. You must defeat your opponent in specific battles to unlock the next level and unlock new rafts. Here are a few characteristics of the rafts. Standard Raft consists of two floats put together. Raft with friends will add a companion character and an extra airbag to the front. The Heightened Sub-base will be raised high with many platforms to avoid the opponent can hit.

Upgrade items

You can upgrade some items like weapons and rafts in the game. Specifically, you can use your coins or credits to exchange for a grenade or bomb to replace the ball you were initially provided with. However, the value of coins will increase after it is upgraded. Your opponent's weapons are also extremely powerful that can jump from balls to bullets or axes, and so on.

Your opponents

Strong opponents are an important thing in the game. You must overcome them to win. Some possible opponents include thieves, pirates, delinquents, kings, gangsters, and so on. Anyone is trying to rob the Simon brothers' treasure. What are you waiting for without giving them a hand?