Pro Cycling 3D Simulator

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Have you ever watched cycling races like the Tour de France, or Giro d'Italia on TV show? You have the desire to become those famous and talented cyclists. Come to this game to make your dreams come true.

Pro Cycling 3D Simulator an extended cycling race

Off-road cycling has appeared in Pro Cycling 3D Simulator. Control your character to pedal quickly and overtake other cyclists to reach the finish line first.

If you're a fan of cycling in the afternoon, you need to keep your eyes on the screen. Your favorite game is right in front of you. Choose a cycling character and a game mode to start your race. Then, help the character overcome other opponents to reach the finish line and win. The other cyclists are really strong. Therefore, you need to use your superior cycling skills to stay ahead of them in this race. To speed up, hold down the left mouse button. You can see your character's energy bar on the right side of the screen. Your character will receive the highest power when the energy bar reaches its maximum level. Besides, you can use skills like a wheelie or drift when going through difficult corners or terrain. Swipe left or right of the screen to your character and do a wheelie. Glide upwards to take turns through the corners. Join this cycling race to discover more exciting roads and appealing races.

What Pro Cycling 3D Simulator race include

Main modes of this race

There are two main modes in the game including quick race and tournament. In quick race mode, you will enter a random race. You need to overcome other cycling characters to get the highest position possible and get a sum of money. In tournament mode, you have to go through a professional racing tournament consisting of 5 rounds. If you pass a round, you will have a chance to advance to the next round. Each round will bring you a bigger challenge. In the first round, you have to overcome the remaining 5 cyclists. Each round will eliminate the slowest finisher. Try to win all rounds to get a cup. Can you become the second Lance Armstrong in this online cycling race?

New characters

You get to choose from 1 of 5 available riders categorized into slow, moderate, fast, and faster. Each character will have different values. You are free for the slow character. To unlock characters from fast level and above you need some money. The amount can be up to 5000 coins for you to buy characters faster. Therefore, try to get a high position or rank to collect lots of bonuses and unlock cyclists.