Pipeline 3D

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Start your flower watering time with Pipeline 3D

You will never be bored with the familiar puzzle game Pipeline 3D. Your goal is to rotate the water pipes to bring water to the flower pots and water them.

If you are too familiar with the classic connect-pipe puzzle game, you will not have a hard time passing this game. Rotate the 3D water pipes to direct water from the water valve to the potted position. You can rotate the pipes in any direction you want to form a straight line. After a pipeline is completed and you successfully led water to the flower pot, the flower pot will bloom. Note that you must use all the given pipelines to complete. Water will not be used if it is not used with all hoses. In addition, if the end water pipe is misplaced, the water system will not be activated. After completing a level, you can continue with the next level. There are countless things waiting for you at each level. Are you confused about anything in the game? If not, let's join the game.

How about levels in Pipeline 3D

52 levels need to be unlocked for the player. Don't worry too much as you may encounter more difficult challenges at high levels. Overcoming them has never been so easy because the easy and difficult levels will be arranged alternately. In difficult levels, there will be more pipes that you need to control. When the water pipes are rotated out of place, you can continue to rotate until the water pipes are connected and reach the potted position. Completing a level will give you a chance to play in the next level along with a sweet compliment like smooth, elegant, perfect, and so on. You are welcome at all levels, don't waste time waiting and enjoy it now.