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Transform into Pacman in the same-name game

A classic arcade game called Pacman is returned. Control Pacman to collect all the dots on the map and confront dangerous ghosts to level up.

A game that has been storming for decades is back. You will still continue to control Pacman to move and collect all the small dots on the map to move to the next level. However, keep in mind that those colorful ghosts won't leave you alone. They will find a way to move closer to destroy you. You will die if you touch them. Therefore, stay away from them while on the go. You can only attack them when you disable them with big dots. Therefore, try to collect the big dots on the map. Then attack the ghosts and collect the dots as fast as you can before they go back to normal mode. You only have one try. Try not to touch them even once. Let's go back to your table and play it.

The attraction comes from Pacman

The history

The game was first released in 1980 in Japan and quickly became a craze in this country as well as globally. It was developed by Namco and through many evolutions, it has become a popular game on platforms like Android, desktop devices, and mobile devices.

Your enemies

Pacman has 4 main enemies including Red, Yellow, Pink, and Blue. They are colorful and dangerous ghosts. It will destroy your Pacman character if you go through them. Each ghost has its own smart way of moving. Watch out for them because you won't know when they will reach you.