Nyan Cat Fly

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Reduce your fatigue with Nyan Cat Fly

A space shooting game is Nyan Cat Fly which will give you memorable and relaxing moments. Use the gun to shoot down the blocks coming towards you.

If you love shooting games or have a fondness for cats, this game will definitely interest you. Control your cat to move and shoot down all blocks. Guide your cat by holding down the mouse to move left or right and shoot. Then knock down all the blocks that are coming towards you. The blocks will increase more and more and increase in value. High-value blocks are harder to remove than blocks with low value. You have to eliminate them as much as you can to get rid of them and get a high score. If you let these blocks fall on you before you remove them all, you lose. In addition, you also have to face dangerous enemies and boss enemies at the end of the game. You must stay away from their attacks and take them down before you are defeated. Now, you will not only see birds fly, but you will also see cats flying. Come to this game and discover new things.

Unlock new worlds

You can unlock characters after completing a world. Each world will be a level. Besides, you need to go through a lot of levels. The levels will gradually increase in difficulty. At the end of each level, you will have to confront dangerous and powerful enemies. You need to do your best to protect yourself from them and destroy them. After each level, you can level up and upgrade your weapons with your coins. This is exactly one of the fascinating games about the Nyan cat. Don't wait too long, just give it a try.