Moto X3M

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If car racing games always shock people with obstacles or terrain, moto racing will not only surprise players with thrilling action but it also brings unforgettable emotions to them. Especially, it's shown in this game.

Enjoy the winding roads on your motorcycle in Moto X3M

Many beautiful and dangerous roads are waiting for you in Moto X3M. Drive your motorbike through dangerous roads and go to the finish line in the shortest time.

Have you ever been fascinated by the action scenes in racing movies or realistic motorcycle races? If the answer is yes, you will see them again in this game. You will transform into a motorcycle racer. Take control of your vehicle to overcome uneven terrain, and rough, dangerous obstacles on the way to reach the destination. One thing you need to keep in mind is that in any driving game, balance is the most important thing. Sometimes, to overcome difficult roads or obstacles placed in a row, you need to gain momentum and make a big breakthrough to overcome. You may die and have to retry your challenge if you hit roadblocks, fall into a pit, slip off the road, and so on. After completing a level, the stars will be brought to you. You need to do all your ability to overcome all the challenges given. Like other driving games, you need to use the WASD keys and the ARROW keys to move. Use the R key to restart and the P key to pause the game for a moment. Off-road motorcycle racing is always extremely dramatic and interesting, especially challenging to those who want to try this adventurous race in real life.

Notable factors in Moto X3M

There are 27 levels divided into the large level and small level, low level, and high level in the game. Each level will have its own way to challenge you. For example, you may encounter spikes in the first level, while rocks, spikes, arcs, etc will appear to hinder you in the next level. Whatever the level, try to pass and get as many stars as you can. More specifically, after collecting enough stars, your character can change skins. To get a new skin, you need at least 15 stars to unlock. There are three unlockable main characters including the standard character, Fire Raceman, and Ninja.