Maze: Path Of Light

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Brain tension with Maze: Path Of Light

A game worthy of your passion this summer is called Maze: Path Of Light. Get the white square out of this confusing maze with some basic moves.

A puzzle game to effectively challenge your brain is here. You will participate in a vivid and intricate light maze. You need to find a way to get the white square out of this maze. To exit, you need to navigate to the switch portal. However, control the squares by clicking on the white dot positions to decide their turn direction. They can turn right, left, go forward, or go to a dead end. This depends on your decision. At times, you may take the wrong direction or get stuck. Don't worry and you need to return quickly to start another direction. After you reach the exit, you can move on to another level. The difficulty of the levels is different and increases as you level up. Don't let your brain rest for too long. You can do something to wake it up. So what do you think about waking up your brain with this game?

How many levels you have to go through in Maze: Path Of Light

There will be no clear data on what levels you need to go through. That means you have countless levels in the game. You need to go from the easy level to the difficult level. At higher levels, the maze will become larger, more complex, and harder to get out of. Therefore, think carefully before you decide on any move because you can easily get stuck with your move.