Idle Desert Life

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Live in the desert in Idle Desert Life

An exciting desert survival challenge has opened in Idle Desert Life. You need to collect the essential resources to build your base in the hot desert.

Have you ever wished to experience a new life in the desert? This building placement game will give you the feeling of surviving in a desert full of wind, sand, and hot sun. First, you have to control your character to collect in-game resources, mainly land. They are found all over the desert. Then your character will move or fly to that location to get it. Continue using your existing wood to build your own platforms or bases. Don't forget you need to save those in need in the desert. They can become your partner and support you in the process of reclaiming and establishing land. You can see the amount of land you have earned in the top right corner of the screen. You can use them to build more territories for you or upgrade existing ones. In the middle of your base, you'll see a landmine. You can use it to attack and defend your base. However, you can also destroy the enemy with your own strength. Can you safely survive the heat of the desert?

Pay attention to beat Idle Desert Life

Something you can find

State, mine, cactus, torch, wooden wheel, mechanic windmill, rest shed, and so on. You can see it in the desert. They can become the ultimate protection for you and your partner in this fierce world. In addition, you will see some obstacles like birds. You can capture them or let your defenses attack them to protect your territory.

The map with 5 chapters

The game gives you a special map with 5 main chapters. These include the sea, desert, lava, heaven, and snow. Each map will have different challenges and characters. Each chapter will bring space and interesting challenges that need you to be discovered.