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Capture as many territories as possible in Hexanaut.io

An inconclusive race is breaking out in Hexanaut.io. To become the king in this world, you must move out of your territory to capture new areas.

This is a multiplayer io game and a fascinating battle that you can refer to for your leisure. Move in this world and expand your territory. To expand the area, you need to move out of your territory and back to zone that area. Then continue to capture the next land. However, you need to be aware that once you leave your comfort zone, you will face a lot of dangers. The enemies around will always find a way to approach and destroy you by blocking your head. At this point, you need to try to stay away and not get stabbed in their body. You can also kill enemies this way. Be careful with your tail and torso. You will die even if you slice your tail. After you kill an enemy, their territory will be yours. Lighthouses will be placed as you expand your territory. It will help you to expand other areas automatically. You need to try to stay at the top of the leaderboard with the widest territory within seconds to become king in this world. Will you be able to easily become the king and rule this area or will you be laid down by other enemies?

All modes for you to experience

This game gives you two modes including free for all and Duo. In Free for all mode, you will have to fight alone to protect yourself and against others. Duo mode will give you an extra teammate to accompany you. However, you also need to try to protect yourself from dangerous enemies as well as avoid cutting yourself off. If either player in this mode is eliminated, the other player can continue the battle on his own as in free for all mode. Each mode has its own appeal. Enjoy each mode to experience.