Flappy Bird

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Let's fly up with Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a very familiar name for those who are fans of the arcade game. Get the bird to fly over as many pillars as you can to get a high score.

Although the rules are easy to understand and the gameplay is interesting, this game is still a challenge for you. In this game, you will transform into a bird named Flappy. You have to take Flappy through the obstacles as well as the pillars. Click to fly up. The more pillars you pass, the more points you get. If you have a collision or touch over the pillar, the bird will fall and you will lose. In the beginning, everything will be very easy for you to overcome. The game will become more difficult as the player overcomes many obstacles. At that time, the pillars will move unpredictably and you have to try to overcome them. If you overcome many obstacles, you will get a high score along with a medal. Try to win a valuable medal. How far can you go?

Additional information about Flappy Bird

The history of the game

This is one of the typical one-click side-scrolling games. This game was released by a Vietnamese programmer named Nguyen Ha Dong in August 2014 and quickly became a hot game during this time. The game can be played on many different platforms such as mobile and desktop devices.

Some tricks and tips to conquer easily

Avoid movements that are too fast or too slow as this could cause your bird to hit the pillar. The best way is to let the bird move to the middle of the blanks.

Second, be careful with long moves. Sometimes, changing from a high position to a low position or from a low position to a high position can make it easier for your bird to "kiss" the pillar.

Finally, stay calm and always keep your hand on the mouse button to deal with any surprises of the pillars.