Earn To Die 2

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Keep continuing with Earn To Die 2

Return to the Earn To Die sequel with Earn To Die 2. In this part, you also have to survive the zombie epidemic through the days using only your transportation.

You seem to have escaped the terrible zombie epidemic after part one. Unfortunately, many places are already surrounded by zombies, so you have to find other safe places to escape from this dangerous land. Your task continues to be to control the car through the zombies and survive the areas to escape from this place. Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move. Use all your strength to go through as many zombies and go as far as possible. After conquering an area or going some distance, you can get some coins. Then you can use your coins to update a new car, conquer new roads, and search for the next places. How far can you go? Can you survive this zombie pandemic?

Earn To Die 2 and the unexplored things

The plot of the game

Part one opens the ending that you have boarded a helicopter to escape this area. However, it seems that is not the case. A zombie has sneaked onto the helicopter and you have to continue your battle for survival in another land. Part two opens with you having to explore new areas in search of life. Join to discover more attractive stories.

Upgrade vehicles and their parts

You can replace your current vehicle in exchange for a new one in the garage like a fire truck, or a police car with your own money. Together with them, you can improve the parts of the car to conquer further roads. Some of the parts you might see include wheels, fuel tanks, gearboxes, and so on.