Drive And Park

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Show parking skills in Drive And Park

The parking challenge has never been as difficult as in Drive And Park. Move your car to the parking spot correctly and quickly to get to a high point.

Ever get tired of trying to park your car in the right spot? This game will give you a parking challenge that is even harder than the real thing. Drive to control your car to park in the specified area. Press the left mouse to rotate the car and release your finger to stop the vehicle at the position. However, the game challenge doesn't stop there. You must only release your hand when you are in the right place or you will fail. Just one parking mistake like hitting another car or stopping over the white line will cause you to replay the game. After you park your car in the right place, you will be promoted to the next level. The next levels will have increasing difficulty. Play this game to show your ability in parking your car.

Essential information to park the car in Drive And Park

Some useful tips to beat the game

  • If you pass level 1, you will learn useful lessons for yourself.
  • Try not to press to turn the car too fast or too slow
  • When you land in the right place, release your finger. If you overdrive or touch the white line, you lose.
  • Do not turn too close to other cars, you may lose.

Complexity behind each level in Drive And Park

The game offers countless levels for you. You need to try to overcome all of them. Later levels will be more difficult. After you complete a level, you will unlock a new car and go to the next level. New levels will require you to handle more cars and the speed of the car is also faster. Try to control them well even if you can't brake your car.