Draw Couple

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Draw to complete the pictures in Draw Couple

Put aside your fatigue to drop yourself into the fun puzzle game that is Draw Couple. Draw a line to help solve the problems which your character gets into.

As the name implies, this game will not only make you use your brain but also require your outstanding drawing ability. Solves the problems posed by the character by completing a missing part of the picture. Look for the unusual points in the picture and then add details to make the picture complete. If your answer is correct, the characters will become happy. At that time, you will also receive a green tick and a chance to go to the next level. You can use hints to take suggestions and help you through the game when you are stuck. Can you easily conquer all levels with your talented hands and a wealth of knowledge about life?

Discover levels in Draw Couple

18 levels are found in the game. Each level will be a different requirement and a picture. Players must pass all levels to challenge at higher levels. Moreover, the correct answer is only recorded when you have to put it in the correct place or your answer will not be verified. The pictures will be the life situations such as walking the dog, broken sandals, a pregnant girlfriend, and so on. Are you ready for the wacky puzzles that come from the game?