Cube 2048.io

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Fly away your fatigue with Cube 2048.io on your computer

The principles of game

Cube 2048.io with its extremely unique but familiar gameplay will make you open your eyes. Defeat your opponents to become the most powerful one in this arena.

Are you ready for your long summer vacation? If not, you can add this game to your summer to-do list. Get your cube moving on the map. Then you need to control them to eat smaller cubes to grow. After you collect a cube, your body will grow a bit longer and you will become a bigger cube. However, note that you cannot collect larger cubes because they can eat you. Try to avoid them as far as possible. Use the boost button if you want to get rid of them or collect smaller cubes. Collect as many cubes as you can to become the biggest on the map. What else do you not know about the game? Join the game for more details.

How to control the cube

  • Computer

Use the mouse to move

Press the LEFT mouse to speed up

  • Mobile phone

Touch and move your finger to move

Double-tap the phone screen to speed up

The creative development of Cube 2048.io

This game is considered to be a harmonious and successful combination of Slithe and 2048. This is really true. The game is strategic, and competitive and is a fierce battle like Slithe. However, one side is competition between snakes and this game is competition between cubes. It is also calculating and clever when it comes to looking for numbers to merge or stay away from. Therefore, it can be said that this is one of the outstanding features of the game.