Crazy Tycoon

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Learn business skills with Crazy Tycoon

Test your business skills in Crazy Tycoon. Earn income from the main building to open more new buildings and fight with other merchants to become a trade tycoon.

One of the most engaging business simulation games you will ever know is here. Expanding your city and becoming a notorious trade tycoon is your ultimate goal. To do this first follow the instructions the game gives at the beginning. Click on the town hall to earn collect. After you have a big enough money, you can open more buildings in the city. These buildings will automatically earn money and transfer it back to your fund. You can then use your money to upgrade buildings or expand other buildings to earn more money from them. You can also participate in the price competition between tycoons for real estate or a valuable asset. Expand your city as much as you can and turn it into a bustling city.

Interesting details about your city in Crazy Tycoon

How can earn more money

You can earn extra income through items like props or achievements. There are tons of achievements that you can find in the achievements section like unlocking 1 building, recruiting staff 50, talent ads reach 5000, getting 1 2 stars car, and so on. In Prop you can unlock BuildCard x1, VehicleCard x1, Negotiating Book, etc. After receiving these awards or achievements, you can earn some diamonds or gold or money for what you achieve

Famous characters

There are various famous characters that you can unlock to earn extra income. Your city will attract more visitors or you will find it easier to negotiate if you unlock these characters. These include Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe, Warren Buffett, and so on. Each character will have a skill or will give you specific benefits. Join the game to discover them.