Cow Bay

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About Cow Bay

A cute and hot idle game called Cow Bay has appeared on your device. Control the cow to harvest berries and wood to create the necessary tools.

If you are a person who wants to start a business or leave this busy life to farm or create necessary items, you should refer to this game. A cute and hardworking cow is waiting for you. To move the cow to the required location, click on the location of that location. You need to help him collect the necessary items according to the cat king's instructions. After completing the collection, press the complete button on the screen. Try to follow the request before you hit done. You can expand your land after you collect enough berries. In new lands, you can also find more items such as tools, weapons, wooden boards, coins, new resources, and so on. Continue to conquer more interesting things on the map.

Some useful things to introduce to you in Cow Bay

Items on the map

You can add energy through tools like hammers, axes, spades, and so on after you expand your area. These items will be found in new locations. You can use it to harvest more wood or other items to replenish your inventory. In addition, the items or resources are also increased more when you level up. They can be spread throughout the map. Some you can see like coins, stones, wood, berries, and so on. The more you play, the more valuable items you will find. After earning enough resources, you can combine many items at the same time to create a new item with a higher value.

How many levels

You will have no levels in this game. Your job is to try to expand your territory as much as possible and collect more resources. To expand your territory, you not only need to harvest, but you also need to follow the instructions of the cat king to get useful items.