Climb Over It

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Climb as high as you can with Climb Over It

Join Climb Over It, a new type of obstacle course game. Help your character climb to the highest level to complete your challenge and move to jump higher level.

As an adventure game and physic climbing game, this game will make you have extreme refreshment moments. You have to take your character to the highest possible platforms with the available hammer. Control him using the hammer to lift and move upwards. You can then move from platform to platform until you reach your destination. Don't forget to collect the diamonds on your way. You must try not to collide with the platforms or the rocks in front because they can cause you to move from the beginning. Do you still have questions about the rules of the game? If not, why don't we join this game right away?

Uses of diamonds in Climb Over It

You can use diamonds to unlock a new world. There are 3 worlds in the game. Each world will require a certain number of diamonds. For example, in the second-world door, you need 5 diamonds while you need 15 diamonds for the 3rd world. Each world will give you different challenges and terrain. You need to be quick to get through them.