Car Rush

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Be the fastest finisher in Car Rush

Some basic rules

Hop in the car and run at all your speed to the finish line in Car Rush. Control your car to avoid other cars and reach the endpoint as fast as you can.

With simple mechanics and similar to any other driving game, you can easily control the game with just one device connected to the Internet. You need to successfully control the car through unexpected and tricky turns to reach the finish line in the allotted time. Besides, you also need to avoid collisions with other cars and roadside obstacles. You can't predict how the other cars move but if you want to get to the finish line in the fastest time then you need to try to avoid them. Each track will give you a specific time. If you fail to reach the finish line within this time, you will lose. To achieve a high record, you need to try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. After you complete the tracks, you can continue on the next track and road. If you are a lover of speed and racing games, you cannot ignore this game.

The way to control your car

The UP ARROW key is used to speed up

Press on the LEFT and the RIGHT ARROW key to move

Use the DOWN ARROW key to brake

Noteworthy things in the race track of Car Rush

There are 3 main worlds in the game. You can experience from the forest to the mountain to the city. A new world will be unlocked after you pass the previous worlds. A world will have 3 tracks. You only have a specific time to get through this one track. There will be countless surprises and fun in each track waiting for you ahead. Jump into this racing game to explore it.