Capybara Clicker

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Relax with Capybara Clicker

A one-click game that you must try is Capybara Clicker already on your computer. Click continuously on Capybara to earn more points and unlock new features.

One of the best one-click mode games is here. Your task is very simple. You just need to click on the bear named Capybara to earn more points. Then you can see the features in the store. After earning a high score, you can use it to unlock new features in the shop. After unlocking more new features, you can earn more points and continue the game to break old records. You can see your world record as well as your record or score in the left corner of the screen. Continuous updates will help your bear grow more cubs. Are you ready for this exciting one-click game?

Capybara Clicker and some remarkable features

Special things in the shop

You can update 10 game features including Cursor, Auto Click, Mr Clicker, King Clicker, Emperor Clicker, Capybara Pump, and more. After you upgrade, a new feature will be opened. However, to unlock each new feature, you need enough clicks. After each upgrade, the number of clicks required will increase. You have to upgrade continuously to earn more clicks. For example, the game will automatically increase clicks even when you are not online. You can gain 200 small Capybaras per second if you upgrade Capybara Pump. Therefore, constantly update to grow your score.

Developer and platform

The game is developed by Euclides. It was launched in November 2022 and updated in March 2023. This is known as a new game genre with simple rules. You can easily play on platforms like mobile and desktop.