Candy Crush

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This is one of the childhood games of children because of its attractive rules, eye-catching graphics, and its popularity. With just a few hand gestures or a few clicks, you can complete hundreds of levels at once. The attraction is only shown when you level up. How many levels can you defeat?

Have fun with Candy Crush

A classic and familiar 3-match puzzle game called Candy Crush is back on your desktop. Move a candy to form a line of 3 or more candies and remove it.

As a light entertainment game with simple gameplay, this game will bring you unforgettable moments of entertainment. You have countless attractive levels in this game. You need to pass all levels by completing tasks and leveling up. The task will be to remove the required candies. Each level will require you to eliminate a certain number of candies and colors. To remove them, you need to move a candy to form a row of 3 or more identical candies in a vertical or horizontal row. You can get special candies by lining up 4, lining up 5, and crossing each other horizontally and vertically. You can get a high score and full stars if you remove more than the specified number of candies. The higher you go, the more challenging the game will be. Thought it was easy, but it was incredibly difficult.

Unlock thousands of levels and various candies in Candy Crush

All levels

There are countless levels that players can conquer. Each level will be a new challenge. In the early levels, you only have to collect candies according to the required number or color. At higher levels, the requirements will become more difficult. For example, pick up ice slots, special candies, or candies that will move across the board instead of standing still. If you unlock a few special levels, you will be given attractive rewards or unlock special hint candies to aid you in the game.

Kinds of special candies

What are those special candies we just mentioned? After lining up the candies in a row of 4, you can get candy with the power of removing a row. After a row of 5 candies of the same color appears, you can get lightning candies to remove candies of that color from the board. Besides, some candies suggest other special abilities such as flying saucer candy, hand candy, fish candy, lollipops, and so on. Fish candy allows you to remove fish of the color you want. The flying saucer or hand or lollipop will have the ability to destroy other candy boxes randomly.