Bridge Race 3D

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Practice hand flexibility with Bridge Race 3D

Continue with an engaging puzzle game in Bridge Race 3D. Collect buoys floating on the water and fill them up on the bridge to reach the finish line.

If you are wondering about a simple and entertaining game for this summer, Bridge Race 3D is definitely a good choice. Control your character to move and swim to the buoys. Collect floats of the same color as your character. Then use them to fill up the bridge. Collect and build bridges as fast as you can to reach the finish line before your opponent. Note that if you don't move quickly, your opponent will probably occupy the bridge before you or encroach on your bridge. Whoever gets to the finish line first will be the winner. Then you can move on to more difficult challenges. Does this race excite you?

Challenges in front of you in Bridge Race 3D

Trying to complete all levels is always our encouragement before players join any game. There are countless levels that are fighting increased from easy to difficult. The higher levels you will have to travel through a longer distance, more obstacles, stronger opponents, and more floats to take. With just a small mistake or delay, your opponent can finish first. Therefore, try to do whatever it takes to defeat them. A race on the water has officially broken out and who is the winner?