Best Classic Spider Solitaire

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Become a trump card in Best Classic Spider Solitaire

Best Classic Spider Solitaire always attracts a large audience with its fun and attractive rules. Arrange the cards on the board in a row of the same suit.

This game will test your eyesight and judgment. Before entering the game, you will be able to choose 1 of 4 game modes. These game modes all have a similar rule. Players must arrange cards of the same suit in a column. Sort the columns in order from lowest to lowest. In difficult modes, besides arranging them in a column, you have to consider their properties. You can only stagger red with black and you cannot mix red with red or black with black. The A-cards can be collected in the top right column. The next cards will automatically be collected by the game. If you get stuck with the game, you can use the extra cards in the bottom right column to add to your board. After you arrange a card, you get a score. If you complete the game in a short time, you will get a high score. Do you think you can master this card game?

Select suits in modes of Best Classic Spider Solitaire

The game offers 4 main modes including 1 suit, 2 suits, and 4 suits. These 4 modes seem similar, but they are completely different. Specifically, in the first mode, you only have to arrange the cards in order in a row including A, 1, 2, 3, ... 10, J, Q, K. In the second mode, the side Besides paying attention to the order of the cards, you also need to pay attention to their suit. You can only stack red and black alternately. At the end of the second mode, you must try to collect 2 rows of 2 different suits. The last mode is similar to the second mode, but in this mode, you need to collect 4 suits including the spade, the club, the diamond, and the heart.