Basket Battle

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Play basketball in Basket Battle

Enjoy an interesting physical basketball game in the air in Basket Battle. Get the ball into the basket as many times as possible to get a high score.

Have you planned your summer vacation yet? If not, you can participate in playing basketball online in this very game. The basic mechanism of the game is to jump up and get your ball into the basket. You can control and win this game. You must score all 3 goals to win. Besides, at high levels, you have to confront troublesome opponents. You need to eliminate them by putting more balls in the basket than them to win. You can hit them to deflect their ball. To be the winner, you have to eliminate your opponent and score against them. The goal is only counted when the ball is brought from a high to a low position. After each level, you can get some coins. Store coins to buy or upgrade the necessary items for your character. This one-of-a-kind basketball game is sure to make you unable to take your hands off it.

What attracts most players in Basket Battle

There are a few fascinating things that you can't miss in the game. One of these will be items such as hats or balls. You can unlock one of the game's 8 hats. Each hat requires you at least 1000 coins to unlock. Next, the level is also a special point when the levels are endless. You need to overcome your opponents to enter higher levels. The higher the level, the stronger and faster the opponent will be. The game is not in order and turns, so you need to try to move faster than them to score more goals.