Ball Drop Blitz

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Cross the sand to the finish line in Ball Drop Blitz

A game suitable for killing time on your free days called Ball Drop Blitz has entered your screen. Lead the way to help the balls fall into the box perfectly.

This is one of the most addictive 3D games with the simplest mechanics I've ever seen. Use your mouse or finger to draw a line through the sand to help the ball move to the finish line. On the way to move, you need to pass the ball over the white balls. They can increase the number of balls you have. Next, avoid the corners or obstacles on the road. They can jam your ball or make you lose the original number of balls. You can only successfully pass your level if you have enough balls in the box. After completing a level, you will get a score equal to the amount you got. New points will be entered with old points. When you get enough points, you can exchange them with the balls in the shop. Try to pass as many levels as possible. Don't get caught up in the game too much.

Level and colorful balls in Ball Drop Blitz

You have unlimited levels in this game. Each level will have a specific goal. The more you play, the more fascinating things will be discovered inside. At high levels, you will have to overcome more obstacles such as retaining walls, rotating walls, narrow corners, propellers, and so on. Be careful because the balls can easily get stuck if they go through it. Besides, white balls can help increase your ball count. After completing a level, you will receive some points or money. You can use these points to buy a new ball in the shop and each ball costs 500 points.