Among Us Online

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Complete your tain Among Us Online

Join a special task in Among Us Online which is to become an impostor or find the hidden impostor. Infiltrate the crew of the spaceship and kill them secretly

In this game, you will transform into an impostor. Now, to legitimize your identity, you need to blend in with the moving crews out there. You need to pretend you are doing the same tasks as them to kill them when they don't expect it. Try to eliminate the entire crew before they complete the mission. Note that you shouldn't let anyone find out you're assassinating the crew. After you are found out that you are assassinating another person, a meeting will be held to judge you and you will be killed. Besides, you can view the map of the spacecraft by clicking on the sabotage. Are you ready to transform into a dangerous assassin?

Things you need to know to easily eliminate opponents in Among Us Online

The game gives you two factions including the crew faction and the impostor faction. On the crew side, the members will try to complete an assigned task in the fastest time possible. Besides, they also need to find impostors. After a crewmate is assassinated, they will meet together to decide who is the impostor and vote to kill that person. On the side of the impostor, you need to find every way and every opportunity to kill the member of the airship. Remember that an impostor will die if anyone sees or suspects it. You also need to blend in with the people on the ship to carry out missions while looking for opportunities to assassinate them in dark corners or small rooms.